In order to maximize your experience and facilitate the most meaningful group experience possible, we ask that all groups:

•    Bring strong, yet flexible, adult leaders who are able to assist the youth with interpreting and understanding their experience. This is absolutely key. All leaders must adhere to the "Safe Gatherings" abuse prevention policies. This includes bringing both male and female leaders when bringing both male and female youth.
•    Come prepared with an attitude of flexibility, hospitality, and grace. 
•    Wear closed-toe shoes like tennis shoes during their entire mission experience.
•    Be prepared at any time to do work that may require getting dirty.
•    Be prompt and arrive at sites on time. If you are going to be late, please be considerate of the site leader's time and call ahead.
•    Assign one person to be the group photographer and ask permission before taking pictures that may include a client or site staff member. It is okay to take photos of your group, but remember to be considerate of those who are around you.
•    Have only one "emergency" cell phone on site with them. All remaining cell phones need to stay in the vehicle or back at the lodging. Also, ipods and other similar electronic devices are not allowed while at work sites.

•    Please plan to arrive at your lodging site by 5pm, or make arrangements for someone to leave a key for you.

As for the overall experience, your group will get out what they put in. We want your group to have an enjoyable experience and we hope that this information is helpful in preparing you for your time with us.