"Working with United Methodist Ministries was a transformational experience for our group. They provided the ability for us to enter deeply into the complexity of poverty in Omaha, and to meet the people who are on the front lines and making a difference. The members of our group left Omaha encouraged, inspired, and eager to engage issues of social justice in our own community."

"Our experience in Omaha was one of the best organized, positive experiences we have had in the 13 mission trips I have organized. That's not just my impression, but the impression of many of my "seasoned" members as well. Our accommodations were top-tier; our work sites kept us busy, oriented, and interested; and you were a joy to work with. Thanks for your organization and friendship; let's do this again!"

"United Methodist Ministries provides the best hands-on ministry.  They're so well networked, we're able to serve the community where otherwise it would have been difficult to gain access.  Thank you for providing fantastic service projects!"

"We all had a great time and the experience provided a great springboard of ideas for our own local context."

"It was surprising for me to find out that we have such a diverse community just a short drive away. Even more surprising: how much help is needed to keep these less-privileged communities afloat. The things I learned volunteering in Omaha were eye-opening and life-changing. I only wish that more people have the chance to have that experience too."

"We really did have a wonderful time!  The kids feel like it was one of our best mission trips as they enjoyed the varied work activities and learning about how the agencies all tied together.  We're excited to find out about similar agencies which we can help here at home.  Thanks so much for your work putting the trip together for us.  It was nice not to have to worry about that aspect of the trip this time.  And it was great to have you with us for the justice lesson as I'm sure the kids couldn't help but pick up on your enthusiasm and dedication to the work you do."