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This spring marks our 3rd annual spring plant sale on our campus at 5602 Read Street in Omaha. The purpose of the plant sale is to raise funds to support our ongoing garden education programs in the Omaha-metro area and to encourage people to grow their own food in their own backyard. This fundraiser is open to the public April 18-May 18 every THU-FRI-SAT from 9am-2pm.

What people are saying about last year's plant sale:

“These plants are so much better than what you find at the big box stores!”
“Very competitive prices!”
“You can tell they were grown with love!”
“I love that my purchase helps kids learn how to grow fresh veggies.”

At our plant sale, we will offer high-quality vegetable, herb, perennial flower seedlings, and native prairie plants that have been sustainably-grown in our greenhouses using organic practices. Our staff began cultivating the 25,000 seedlings in January. Half of these are given free-of-charge to our school and childcare center gardens; the other half will be sold to the public through the plant sale.

What we’re growing:

onions • leeks • peppers • eggplants • mustard greens • broccoli • cabbage • cauliflower collards • kale • Brussels sprouts • Swiss chard • kohlrabi • lettuce • spinach • chives • cantaloupe • cucumbers • pumpkins • tomatoes • squash • tomatillos • watermelon 

Native Prairie Plants
yarrow • common milkweed • butterfly milkweed • compass plant • Mexican hat coneflower • wild bergamot • swamp milkweed • pale purple coneflower

Greek oregano • thyme • lavender • parsley • anise hyssop • feverfew • sage • chamomile • basil • calendula • cilantro • dill • rosemary • mint 

dianthus • viola • pansy • gomphrena • snapdragon • African daisy • celosia • cosmos • strawflower • aster • centaurea • amaranth • marigold • zinnia • nasturtium

Please Note: Cold weather crops such as kale, broccoli, onions, leeks, chives, cabbage, collards, Brussels sprouts, and herbs will be available during the first few weeks of the sale. Warmer weather crops like tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and melons will be available during the last two weeks of the sale (once the danger of frost has passed).

Proceeds from the plant sale will support school-based and childcare-based classes in low-income areas of Omaha. During the academic year, our educators teach classes in several OPS schools. Participants learn how to grow vegetables and herbs in their school garden as well as how to properly harvest, cook, and preserve these crops through various methods. In the summer, we hire & train young adult interns to teach gardening skills in schools and childcare centers all across the metro. In 2018, our summer program reached more than 900 children each week. All plant sales will directly benefit these programs.

$2 annual vegetables
$3 small annual & perennial herbs & flowers
$4 medium annual & perennial herbs & flowers
Cash, check, & credit card accepted.

9am-2pm every THU • FRI • SAT
April 18-May 18
5602 Read Street 68152

For more information, contact