Simple Brussels Sprouts and Sausages

This is a staple dish at Jaimee's house, pleasing the entire family!

1.5-2 lbs. Brussels sprouts
2 TBS olive oil
sea salt
sausage of your choice (we like AmyLu's apple & gouda chicken sausages)

Pre-heat oven broiler on high setting. De-stem Brussels sprouts and peel off outer leaves, then cut in half lengthwise. Steam Brussels sprouts for about 6 minutes (stovetop or microwave). Drain water from Brussels sprouts. Slice sausages into rounds. Place Brussels sprouts and sausages onto baking sheet. Drizzle with sea salt and olive oil, stirring to coat. Spread everything out into an even layer. Broil for 3 minutes, stir, broil for another 3 minutes, alternating until everything is roasted to your liking. Do not leave it unattended, as it is very easy to burn the whole batch! Enjoy!