June 11, 2015

Our six summer interns, led by a Programming & Education Coordinator, are teaching on-going garden classes for children and youth at 15 different sites this summer. Each week, more than 300 children are reached though our summer programming classes. Things are going great, as the children have already learned lessons on soil health, vermicomposting, pollinators, planting, and more.

Cait Caughey, Programming & Education Coordinator, says:

"Our curriculum has objectives and outcomes, evaluations, learning strategies, basic science concepts and gardening skills. It is chalk-full of elements we are trying to share with our participants (ages 3 through 18), but the real success is when we see things click, when the participants lead the way, when we build relationships, and most of all when the kids are having "SOOOO much fun."   Our summer is off to great start: full of tasting vegetables we've never tasted before, hunting for wild plants and pollinators, getting our hands dirty, building compost piles, and sharing the abundance that a small urban garden can produce. When it comes to gardening with kids there are endless moments of wonder and surprise. And yes, I do have the BEST job ever."

We have a strong program in place, and we are proud to offer this service to the community. Follow our intern blog at http://thebiggardeninterns.tumblr.com/ to see more of our classes in action!